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Arthur Ebeling - You Handsome Devil (Basta 2009)

'You Handsome Devil' is Arthur's 3rd solo album for Basta. Previously, Basta released 'A Rainy Night in Paris’ (1998) and ‘Dreams’ (2003). This new album holds 14 lovely songs, all written by Ebeling and most varying in style. As Arthur describes it himself, it is his version of American music, plus some more. A mix of rhythm&blues, rock, country blues and a touch of jazz. Perfect music to vacuumclean by, or to be cheered up by in general. Did Johnny Cash hear trumpets for 'Ring of Fire', Ebeling heard a lady's choir for 'Lonely' and bagpipes for 'Far Away'. The subjects are quite varying, but in the end they are all lovesongs after all, and that's what it's all about for Ebeling.

  Rita: Download MP3
  Sunset: Download MP3
  Strugglin': Download MP3
  Lonely: Download MP3
  Dreamland: Download MP3